Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elmer's Embellishment Extravaganza!

!{Click on the pictures to see the embellies closer than they appear here. }

Today is The Paperlife Elmer's Blog Party!  If you came from Wendy's blog....WELCOMELove is in the air around here.  I know it is a few months past February, but April is my month for LOVE.  Next week I will be married to the man of my dreams for SIXTEEN YEARS! SWEET SIXTEEN! So I created these tags with love on my mind.

{I also used this PolKa DOT WhimsY kit  to create the embellies & the two scrapbook pages below}

Go on over to the Elmer's Facebook Page and see all their projects {Tell them that The Paperlife sent you...there is going to be a prizes!!}

Don't we all just like {or love} tools and glue? If you like papercrafting then I am sure you do too! Sorry didn't mean for that too rhyme....honest!
Loved this adhesive for all my paper-to-paper gluing needs! This is refillable and is a great tape runner.

This glue is for paper AND fabric.  Some other glue products say that they can glue paper and fabric, but with fabric it doesn't really work.  I used this product to make my fabric flowers that you see above and it worked great and dries clear.

LOVE this blade because it is RETRACTABLE.  As I travel around the country teaching, the biggest horror stories I hear are about xacto blade accidents and people cutting themselves when they reach into their crop bags!  They go from cropping to the ER! Yikes!  So I LOVE a retractable blade. This cut very smooth and worked great.

I used this circle cutter to cut all the circles that you see small and large.  I think that this is a great portable circle cutter.  There is only one problem: it doesn't have a cover on the awl or the blade! Yikes! It scares me even on my craft table.  I put the end of it into a big pink eraser, but I still feel scared.  The instructions on how to use it were not on the packaging, so I had to look up how to use it on their website.  Just like any other tool, once you get the hang of it, it was good.  But it needs a PROTECTIVE COVER or LID!!!

I used this trimmer throughout the night and it worked swimmingly.  I love the rotary blade.  I was a little rough with the flap that holds the paper in place and it already broke off, but I have ordered a new one because the rotary blade is fab.  I am just not really dainty when I use my tools.  My son also used this trimmer for a school project, and he could cut paper at different measurements without my help!

I {heart} decorative scissors...and they are BACK BABY!!!  I wish I hadn't gotten rid of all mine a few years ago in the scrapbook store garage sale! These were fun to use for layering.  Cutting bits of paper and adding layers.
BONUS: After I created all those embellishments, I was inspired enough to put a layout {or two} together.  It was fun to continue to use the tools and how easily these two layouts came together after the embellishment warm-up.  I just want to point out the burlap banner; the Elmer's craft bond fabric glue worked great with burlap.  

Thanks everyone for staying for the party!  Your next stop on the blog hop is AMY at The Paperlife!
Don't forget to check out lots of projects at Elmer's Facebook page.
 Party over at the Elmer's FB Wall...

{I was given these products from Elmer's and Xacto to use and review. Thank you!}

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