Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Fair

I love volunteering at the book fair.  It helps out the PTA & library, but I also get to peruse the books for a couple of hours.  I love it....so many good books out there.  Some kids would come in, a wad of money in hand, and just head straight to the 'junk' table {pencils, erasers, bookmarks, and posters.} I tried to talk them into a book, instead of the alien eraser, but my sales skills didn't work.  So here is where I will share some of my favorites I found:
This book made me LOL several times....such creative writing.
Loved the message, everyone has a story.  And learning about Chinese influences in our world today.
The illustrations in this book were wonderful.  And I love this story also.  The only thing that bugged me was the 'grandma sews' stereotype.  Moms sew too!

With my baby now reading, this book tugged at my heart strings.  The illustrations are beautiful too.  It also reminded me of this post and how she talks about the magic of learning to read.  I feel the same way as a teacher & parent.  There are many factors that help a child learn to read...but it happens like magic {with lots of practice}.

{this one I found outside the book fair parameters, in the actual school library}
Both of these books would be great as a graduation present, but I just like to share them with my kids....it gives them a your-future-is-so-bright-you-can-do-anything-dream-big attitude.

I wish I could show you the inside pages of this book....it is so creative! All the wonderful things you can create with sidewalk chalk.  It will get you off the driveway and drawing all over your neighborhood!
I found some other books just within the library, but I will share those another day.  If you click on the books, it will actually take you to goodreads.com or amazon; where you can read more about each book.
Do you have a favorite picture book? chapter book? Please share! Also if you are on goodreads.....find me {please}!

P.S. My kids picked these books from the book fair: Diary of a Spider, Pinkalicious: Tickled Pink, Zoomer, Schooled, & Flawed Dogs. They had to do chores this time to earn their book fair $$ and spent the entire weekend cleaning, organizing, etc. Mom loves when kids want to do chores, but when they want to do them to buy books, that is an awesome deal!

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  1. I LOVE the book fair, too. I am going to have to look at those, I haven't seen any of them... I will so find you on goodreads, however I am going to be on there less frequently since I start school in May... but I get to take 4 literature classes, so that will provide some good reads...


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