Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trees, Trees, Trees...

{ella's tree: we made a paper chain to match the felt ornaments that my mom made when I was a child. Love them....}
{Sydnee's tree: she redecorates on a daily basis. I also have a basket of Christmas books near each tree. In years past, I have had them just in the family room, but they just didn't get read and enjoyed as much as now. We can read a story each night before bedtime.}

{Christian's soccer tree: We made the ornaments from hackysacks (sp?)}
We decided to have a christmas tree in each of the kids' rooms this year. These are some old trees that I have had since before Sydnee was born. It was fun to decorate each one with them and put their personality into the decorations. They are very simple this year, but maybe we will add some ornaments in years to come.


  1. Love it all. We put little trees in the kids room too. It is so much fun. I love the book idea I need to do that too. I love those felt ornaments and I remember that piece of art you made one with little ornaments someone in your family had made .... I think the kids and I should make some felt ornaments this year!

  2. Simple is best! Love all the cute stuff you post! Merry Christmas!

  3. love it! the girls have a tree in their room and decorate it with Jingle Buddies. Your post reminded me that I haven't gotten their Jingle Buddies yet. Our basket of books in the family room isn't getting much attention... I think I will follow your idea and move them to their room. Thanks Kim!

  4. Loved this idea of one tree for each child! Definitly something to do next year! My son just LOVED the soccer themed tree! He is so into soccer since the World Cup! For this Christmas I didn't even got one x-mas tree, as we are moving to a new city next week. We are spending the hollidays at my grandma's home, but I really miss having my own tree at my home. Merry Christmas to you!!!


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