Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monsters & Such...

{This is on the back/bottom of Syd's jack-o-lantern t-shirt....she thought of this one all on her own!}

I have so much to blog. The girls' birthdays, etc. I have hit a big, blog, brick wall...
But I didn't want to forget this Halloween craft that we did while at CKC Kansas City. Sydnee made all these projects {with her mom watching close by with the iron} She really went for it. The SEI iron-ons really triggered her creativity. With these iron-ons, you are able to choose from several different eyes, noses, mouths, faces, etc. It is really fun to mix-and-match until you find the design that is just for you. We made some pretty silly faces with our monsters, witches, and pumpkins; before she made it permanent by ironing over the design.
We stayed up waaay too late one night just making t-shirts and bags!
{SEI has also created Christmas iron-ons, but they are not on the website yet. I will share our Christmas creations very soon.}
Here is also a video that shows the iron-ons & how they work. So easy & fun.....


  1. I wish they would have had these when my kids were little, they would have loved designing their own t-shirts.

    Kim, my dog is a yorkie/poodle and it's the greatest dog I've ever owned. I picked this breed because I am very allergic to pet fur, and this dog does not shed at all -- she has hair, not fur. She has a very sweet nature, and is super smart. If you get one, make sure you expose her to lots of people from the very beginning so that she will be friendly. And crate train her if you can. We didn't do that. It took about a year to train her to go to the bathroom outside, but she's great now. Let me know if you get one!!

  2. I loved these at CHA :) Too cute! Have you found them in a retail store yet?? I'd love to see the Christmas ones too!

  3. Kim, just read Crystal's comment about the dog and I would agree :) The "yourkiepoos" are so cute and sweet! The only thing is right now there is one at our pet store, but the legs are seriously like 12" long and then a little body on top... he got the poodle height, and it looks a little unproportional. They also have "Yorktese" which is a cross with a Maltese.

  4. i won these and my girls loved them too :D

    love the "my name is not jack" shirt :D

  5. OK, went to their website, and the monsters like we did at CHA were not there?!? Have you seen them when working? I would like to order enough for the kids in Gavin's class to do them for their Christmas party... I thought I would pre-adhere the bodies and they then do the add-ons... ANYWAY-HELP! :)


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