Monday, July 5, 2010

July Creations

Perfect Pout

Nauvoo: City Beautiful
For a 2-page layout, don't think you need two of the SAME paper for the background. Just use a coordinating paper to tie the layout together ;)

I Play the Banjo...
Lately, I have struggling with my creative style. What is my real style for creating? I have decided for any & most projects, I want my style to be described in one word: DONE.
I just want to create and finish; finish and create! I have so many projects that are just dangling on the almost finished, or just need to do one more thing...
With kits, I feel that I get stuff done and I don't look back at all the supplies that I have been holding onto for years and years.
Finish what I start and keep it simple.
That is my new style...

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