Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Bird

This is one of my favorite songs from Peter Breinholt {Go to the songs on the right side of his website and search for Little Bird; but just fyi all his songs are G-O-O-D!}
I could make 1,000 scrapbook pages using his songs as inspiration.
And one of the techniques I learned at Spark from Kelly McCaleb
Love it


  1. I love it too, and I want to try making some of the flowers like you told me! It really looks awesome.

  2. That scrapbook page with those gritty spark inspired flowers and birdie is so darn cute!!! Did you make the pink one out of paper? I love how it turned out...

    ...and that "Love Shack" is way cute too! Mmm.... big cinnamon hearts!

    *Love your new header and splash of blue down the sides of your blog... Gritty Gritty!

  3. LOVE those flowers! Layout is awesome.

  4. Have I mentioned lately, How much I admire you!?!!!

  5. Love Peter Breinholt, and LOVE your page. I want to learn all of your techniques! :)

  6. love love love this page!!!! Super cute Kim.


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