Monday, February 1, 2010


This post is for posterity! {And the grandparents...}

Ella is obsessed this month with a book that she reads with her dad every night. It is all about the body. One night it is the bones, another the heart and the blood. She loves having her hair 'the same as Sydnee's' on certain days. She also would wear a skirt and leggings every day if there were enough leggings in her wardrobe.

Sydnee is enjoying her indoor soccer team and running around 'inside the bubble'. She is the resident artist around our house and will have her art displayed at the Figge Art Museum in the coming weeks. She is reading chapter books like crazy and this month we enjoyed Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and hope to finish it in the coming days.

Christian's schedule continues to be busy with indoor soccer & basketball games. His basketball team had a great win this past weekend...we are still talking about it! He also sang with the Iowa Honor Choir. He takes this just as serious as his sporting events. He looks forward to The Lightning Thief movie. And just finished the 3rd book in the Percy Jackson series.

Craig is enjoying the winter weather {not!}and working as hard as ever. Sometimes it is frustrating that he goes to work when it is dark and comes home when it is dark. I appreciate the hard work he does for our family. His attention to his fantasy football league is missing this month as he looks forward to the last game of the season this weekend. His picks each week were advised by two 11-year olds who he should have listened to more often! January was also busy transitioning his Webelos to 11-year old scouts. He loves being with Christian each week & carrying on the scouting tradition.

As each new year brings projects of change & organization, I continue to work on projects around the house {key word: spray paint!}. January was melancholy for me with no travel for work, and not many hours at my local scrapbook store. I read more than ever this past month and continue to enjoy the stack of books near my bed. Some days I wished I was a bear and could hibernate the day away. The cold and grey weather makes me quiet & calm. I have been cooking up a storm this month and planning meals. One day this month, I had my best grocery shopping day evah! It was so wonderful, I had to call my SIL and tell her about it. {I have to call her several times a week, I hope she isn't sick of me}

I didn't get a picture of our family together in January so these are close. February I promise a picture of all 5 of us and what we are up to. This is my goal for each month of the year {minus January}. This lovely idea came from Tara.
I hope I can keep it up....


  1. Love hearing about the fam...I love the pictures you posted, too!!
    You guys are so great!!

    I have the book bug, too....any suggestions on good reads?

  2. Oh my goodness-ness... Look at your dark hair woman, I don't think I've ever seen you with hair quite this dark all 'round. The cool thing is that you can pull it off! I think I still prefer you as a blonde but only because that's how I know you. I don't think I could ever pull off blonde. While we're on the subject of hair, Ella's hair looks darling in those ice cream pictures.

    Wow! If you can get a full family photo once a month for the entire year that deserves a standing ovation. I can't even remember the last time we got a photo of all of us. Oh yeah, it was probably in Nauvoo when we were visiting, and that was what.. almost 2 years ago. LOL Love the idea!

  3. Your hair is so dark!! Looks great! What a great idea! I think we'll have to try this too! We miss the Garners sooooo much!!

    {When I read about Ella it just kills me how much Hallie and her can be alike, yet miles away!! Hallie doesn't know life without leggings and tights!! I can't remember the last time she wore pants!!}

    (and whenever I think of the Superbowl I think of Christian, such a good kid!!)

  4. My boys have been begging for weeks now to go see the Lightning Thief movie on opening day. Not a bad way to spend Presidents Day I guess.

  5. Ella..that reminds me. When you were out of town and I watched the kids, she would inform me that she is NOT allowed to wear pants at school. She said her teachers told her that she should wear skirts only.....because skirts are pretty.

    She cracks me up.....we miss her around here...

  6. Beatiful family! Loved the update! My daughter is waiting for the Lightning Thief movie as well, and for The Battle of the Labyrint to be realeased in Brazil! She spent 3 weeks with my sister in Wisconsin in January, and took a picture with the book in a Barnes&Noble! I love that she has my passion for books.

  7. Those pictures were taken in January. The 1st I think, while we were still there in Iowa. I think I might be in trouble after the Sandee post about your dark hair. Sore subject. Love it, love you. My boys can't wait for the movie too.

  8. That's so cute. I can't believe how big your kids are getting! We aren't getting older right? just them.


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