Thursday, September 17, 2009

fall wardrobe & decor...

I couldn't send you to this site until I had ordered everything that I need for my fall wardrobe. Go, go now...

You will thank me later.

I have also been obsessing about some new decorating within my house...wanting to paint and add some new pillows, etc. to change up some of the old decor.

I have been circling my favorites from the fall Pier 1 many cool, classic items. Go take a look! {Did you see the counter-height desk on page 25? a girl can dream...}


  1. What great clothes! Never heard of this place but the prices aren't bad and I need some updating. Thanks for sharing! Now what to get?????

  2. I totally want that table from Pier 1! I spotted it when I got the catalog last week. LOVE IT!

  3. OK, went to the clothes website you linked up... their size chart isn't up... not taking THAT kind of chance! And I see no CS link... hmmmm


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