Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CKU Circle Journal

This past weekend was the last CKU....ever. I really didn't think this would affect me in anyway, but last night I really missed my CKU-Anaheim gals. Two years ago, I went to California, all alone, to attend CKU as the winner of a Reminisce contest. It was an amazing weekend. I loved every minute. But there were a few people that I met in that 3 days that I have become good, good friends with. These girls inspired me, gave me courage, taught me to be grateful...I learned so much from each of them.
On the last night of CKU, we decided to each create a circle journal to remember our new friends. I flipped through this again last night and decided that I needed to share it here. It took a long time to get around the group, over a year, but I got mine back! {There are still a couple floating around out there *sigh*}
A circle journal is the perfect way to learn more about your circle of friends or family. Each person creates a theme for their book and sends it on it's way! As a group, you choose an order that you are going to pass the book and a time limit that each book can be with each person. In the end, it is a scrapbook that has been filled with unique pages to enjoy.


  1. It's gorgeous Kim. Thank you for sharing it.

    I am sad CKU is over because I never got to go. I wish I could!

  2. I know a girl who went to this CKU Provo, and she told me about it being the last... It felt kind weird for me too, like I lost something, you know? Going to CKU last year was a dream come true for me, and the begging of so many good things in my life, it is kind of sad to know that I can never go again. And this circle journal looks amazing! I have participated in 2 circle journals, and it is such a great experience, and a beautiful memory.

  3. That is a great album! What a great idea. I did not know that they were not having any more CKU's!! So sad. We wanted to go again!


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