Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Man

Today is our 14th wedding anniversay. Wow. Fourteen. I still remember the feeling I had when I first met him. I still get that feeling.
But after adding three kids to the mix, sometimes your marriage slips through the cracks. You are so worried about being a good mom and being a good dad that being an amazing wife or husband gets forgotten. Our marriage is good, not perfect, but good.
One thing that I have decided for this coming year of our marriage is to get our picture together more often. We have these pictures from his birthday in January, and the pic that our son took on Easter. That is it. I want and need more.

Another thing that I need to do more of in the fifteenth year of bliss, is be alone with him. Make a date. It seems that the only time we are alone together is in front of the tv before bed. This is great, don't get me wrong. But tonight, when we had more than an hour to talk without an interruption from a small child, was good. Really good. I love how hard he works, his sense of humor, how he can make me laugh even when I am mad at him. I love his patience, and the sound of his voice, but I do not like his snoring. I love his smile, and his 'kicker' legs.
I love this man, and want to forever.
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  1. awe shucks. congrats Kim! 14 years is something to be proud of! Your so REAL on your blog I love it.

  2. Super sweet and adorable pics! Congrats!

  3. 14 years??? Congratulations! We love you guys! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Hope you had a great anniversary. So fun to think about where it all started.....

  4. We love that man too. Can't wait to see you guys. Hope you had a good anniversary.

  5. This is a sweet post.. Happy 14th Anniversary..

    You two are so cute together and I agree you need to take more pictures together. ♥

  6. You guys are so cute and HOT! We love you guys tons!

  7. What cute photos of the two of you!

  8. what cute photos of the two of you!


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