Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We interrupt this blog to bring you JESSICA SIMPSON!

My nephew was able to meet Jessica Simpson at his high school yesterday. He is the Student Body Vice President and she made a visit because their school won a radio station contest. He even got a hug from her! If you want to see the video...go here.
Watch out Tony....he just might take your girl!


  1. Seriously?

    Welcome back! It's been quite without you.

  2. Seriously?

    Welcome back! It's been quiet without you.

  3. You have some wonderful kids. Sydney has made a huge difference for Hagen on the bus. I wanted to tell you and her thanks a bunch. Every morning I can see her making sure he gets back to sit with her. and then they wave out together to Coen. Chase has said the same thing she is a good girl. He has been dropping and picking up Hagen from school. I gave been a sick. we called to see if Craig could give me a blessing, anyways your mom said you guys were on vacation. hopefully you had a good time. Deidra

  4. I cant believe how much Christine looks like him! I bet he was in heaven ha!

  5. WHAT is she wearing?? Not very Jessica Simpson looking!! :)

  6. WAHOO!!! You're back! I was worried about you out there with all those hurricanes going on...

    I second to: What the heck is she wearing??? She looks like she's quite possibly prego or just had a baby and has nursing jugs. LOL

    Fun for your nephew though.

  7. wow! she isn't as pretty as she looks in other things? LOL fun for Taylor, or is that Jordan? I can't tell!


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