Sunday, August 17, 2008


Rented this for the kids and ended up watching it myself. Did you know Gerard Butler {from P.S. I Love You} is in this movie? It is very entertaining, if only for that reason...
Went to see this last week on the HDOTY. The movie theatre was loved it. Even for the 2nd time.

Have you seen this yet? It is brilliant! I am warning you though, you are going to want to be dancing in the aisles by the end. My friend had to hold me back!
We rented this while my sisters were here. I loved this movie. We watched it three times. I think I am now a James McAvoy fan.
My lil' sis hadn't seen this....we watched it again. This is my fave movie of 2008. What movies have you seen lately that are good???


  1. The kids just watched Nim's Island on the way to the beach last weekend. They liked it but not in a "let's watch that again" way. (Napoleon is still again & again... )

    I went to see Mamma Mia! with the YSA as a Make-up for my chicken-ness to see Dark Knight. I loved MM! & wanted to dance in the aisles. I was very tired & laughed & giggled the whole way through.

    We saw Wall*E while out west & enjoyed it.

  2. I just saw Indiana Jones and it was pretty good. I also just saw the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...SO GOOD!!

    I still want to see Mama Mia. Maybe if you are up for it we can go Tuesday...if you want to see it again, I am not sure you liked it too much the first time. And I will let you dance in the isle!!!

  3. So funny that you mention it....My sister and I watched P.S. I love you last night too! Being that she is here from Colorado. Thanks to you and Candi for getting me sucked into this one!

  4. Loved All of those movies, can't wait to see Sisterhood. I think i'm going to buy Penelope. Now you know why I love James MacaVoy. You looked at me weird when I told you that last week. He is so cute!! He makes a great leading man. Now I sound obsessive.

  5. Thanks for the movie recommendations!

  6. THanks for all the movie reviews!! I can't wait to see some of them!

  7. Before school started, Erin and her friends invited all their moms to go see Mama Mia with them. Love love loved it! Plus, the experience of going with the girls was way cool. (We filled up two rows at the theater). Bought the soundtrack right away and listened to it while driving to my sister's. Then I took both of my sisters when I was there visiting them. Erin says we "need" to buy it!

    Oldies but goodies: What About Bob? and RV.

  8. i loved PS, I love you!!! Narnia was awesome too, I also loved Wall*E and Indiana Jones


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