Monday, February 28, 2011

In The Middle of Things

I have been completely overwhelmed lately.  Winter. Organization. Messes. Daily Tasks. Momhood.  Usually when I get stressed, I just shut down.  I don't do anything and procrastinate everything.  I don't know why this is happening now, nothing has really changed.  I am still working part-time, two weekends a month.  I have more time now during the day then I have had in twelve years.  The kids are in school.  I do a little volunteering and a small bit of work daily; but the rest of the time is mine to do what I need to.  And I don't want to do anything.
In the past when I have become this way, I usually make a list.  Today a list was even too much. 
Is it seasonal depression? My thyroid? Or just i-want-to-stay-in-bed-and-read-all-day syndrome?  I don't really know, but I want to shake it! 
One thing I know that usually helps is creating something. Anything.  But that has even been a no-go.  My basement studio {corner} is a mess.  It is making Hoarders look so, so mild.  I just wanted to type it out.  What should I do? Where do I begin? 
One area that overwhelms me on a daily basis is the way I am documenting life, our life, the life of this little family of mine.  I feel so 'behind' or that I am missing so much.  Last year I only printed one set of photos and the rest are on the computer.  I want to embrace the concept of 'project life'.  I wanted to save the menu that Craig brought home from his trip to Texas; and the program from the play we went to see last week that starred a little friend of ours.  But I just didn't want to add it to the drawer of papers, and I didn't want to start a new folder. So I just threw them both away. Ever since my personal printer broke indefinitely, I haven't printed a single picture.  I look back on pictures just from earlier this year and want to print and document.  But I have so many pictures already printed that need a home.  Need to get out of the bags and the boxes and have their stories told first.  I really have never been a fan of chronological scrapbooking, but I feel that I cannot move forward without bringing some closure to the past.  It is late, and I am not sure this post is even making any sense.  I guess I just feel in the middle of something, even though I am not sure what that is.


  1. I am so glad you posted this... I feel like sometimes my posts sound like poor me... and I feel so overwhelmed, it is nice to see I am not the only one. I hope that you have since been able to move forward, I love watching all your posts and seeing how creative you are! And your sweet family.

  2. Oh my goodness.. I find myself feeling like this more of the time than not it seems. I totally know the feeling. Now I need to give you a ring-a-ding-ding!
    Just remember.. we are always our own worst critics. You are amazing Kim, all the things you said you were overwhelmed with are all things that you do so well and I've always admired about you.
    You'll snap out of it and move forward, I know you... sometimes we have to go through times like this to make us step back and remember who we are and what we're already good at.. what makes us, us!
    Love & Miss You.


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