Monday, August 16, 2010


Found this picture in the back of a frame and it caught me by surprise. I still remember when this picture was taken. My friend and I went up to a great photo spot in Salt Lake City and snapped some pictures of our families for our Christmas cards. It was cold, and snow was coming. My friend had a good camera and I love how these turned out. This was on a film camera, before digital. I believe this was the beginning of my love for photography. This was also one of our first family photos. We were no longer just a couple, but a family. This time was also the beginning of motherhood for me. I was still so unsure of myself, and as I remember it now, very stressed that I was doing everything right. We were new parents, just doing the best we could for our little guy. We took a whole roll of pictures. Then it started snowing.
Now this guy is going to middle school and we have two others that will be in school, all day. I still question myself, am I doing good for these kids? I pray everyday that I am.


  1. Love this photo! You guys look great and the background is awesome!!! Whenever I come across old photos like that it makes me wanna turn back time. Miss you. I called ya a couple of days ago and left a message on your home phone. Just wanted to chat and answer some of the questions you've asked me lately.

  2. Your an amazing mother!! Your children are the proof of that!


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