Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Maybe it is the Spring weather, or just enjoying some songs from my childhood; but I have always LOVED John Denver! I love his simple tunes....

These are three of my favorite songs that have been made into children's books. The pictures in each of them are beautiful! One of the songs that brings back most of the memories is:

We sang this in elementary school and I also loved when JD sang this with the Muppets! So, so can find the books here, here, and here
They are all illustrated by Christopher Canyon. Cool.
I also have a connection to JD because for many, many years...this guy looked like him. Everyone use to say: "Your dad looks like John Denver." Wouldn't you say so? Now he has a flat not so much.


  1. I love John Denver too! We sang those songs in elementary school. About 6 years ago I bought the greatest hit CD and my husband made such fun of me but I love him. I'll have to check out those books!

  2. Thanks for the memories sis. Of course dad looked like John Denver. I still have people remind me that he does, just with a gut now.

  3. Your Dad has totally always reminded me of John Denver! I love that about him. Shane and I also love John Denver and have his music playing quite regularly. Great songs!

  4. Funny I love John Denver too. Zac thinks I am crazy. Also another funny. I used to think your dad WAS John Denver! You never know you dad still might look light him...after all we don't know what John would have looked like all these years later.

  5. That's one of my brushes with fame! "I have an uncle who looks like John Denver." :-)

    I'll have to get a hold of those books. They look great for my kids.

  6. Wow, Country Roads is like medicine for my soul. My best friend's dad, we have been friends since we were three, used to play his guitar and sing that song to us when we were little. He has pancreatic cancer and in on his way to heaven soon. I love this song and the love it reminds me of.

  7. A song on our wedding cd was John Denver! And one of my favorite memories was standing around the piano singing "Country Road" in West Virginia!!!
    Ah, those were the days!

  8. I think john denver had a flat top too at some point so it still works. hahaha


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