Thursday, November 20, 2008

This one is for you, Big Sis...

Back in August, my sister came to visit me. While she was here, she cut and colored my hair. She also issued me a challenge. She told me that I needed to flatiron my hair every three days. It was hard at first, I was not good with even the round brush and a blowdryer! But today I did it in 20 minutes and I think it looks pretty good. I think I am getting better at the flatiron, especially since my girls' also have hairstyles that need to be 'done' everyday....So my 'big sis' has never seen pictures of my hairstyle by me! The third picture I took myself, the others were taken by the lil' photog.....enjoy!


  1. So cute! Your sister needs to do my hair when she visits again! She did a great job...and so did you!

  2. Way cute hair!

    This is Sherie not Taylor

  3. SOOOO CUTE!!!! Great job Kim. Practice makes perfect. It looks so good.


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