Thursday, May 24, 2007

7 Random Things...

The rules: List 7 random things about yourself and tag 7 other people to make a list on their blog. (If you are reading this and would like to share 7 random things about yourself, please make a comment!)
1. I sleep like a horizontally-challenged flamingo.
2. I hate cold weather, yet I live in Iowa.
3. I do not have a middle name.
4. I love to submerge myself in good books.
5. My favorite food is my husband's chicken wings.
6. I love to have a perfect manicure, but I pick at my nails!
7. I wish I had a better singing voice, my dream is to take voice lessons.

O.K. I am dumb but I don't know how to link. So if you are reading this and your name is here, go put a list on your blog!
I tag:
Jodi, my Oprah friend!

Also, if you are from Scrapaganza's NYOBC and you are taking a peek at my blog...make a comment with your list. I would love to read about you. Have fun!


  1. I may get around to posting 7 random things myself, but in the meantime, I want Craig's wings recipe!

  2. I sleep like a flamingo too...Zac thinks I take up too much of the bed this way. Too bad!

  3. Linking isn't too difficult once you know how. In the posting screen when you are writing your post, highlight (select) the words that you want to make a link out of. Then click on the icon in the tool bar that looks like a green earth with a paperclip or a chainlink. It will give you a pop-up where you copy and paste or type in the URL (website address) for the page you want to link to. Then you click "OK." Hope this helps you figure it out.

  4. Kara I was having a hard time trying to figure out linking in post setting and couldn't find the link tool. But I found out using blogger help that certian browsers don't support some of the links. I own a mac and my browser is Safari...but the link tool should be there if you have internet explorer or foxfire. They say they are trying to make it work for all browsers. I hope that helps if you are still having issues.

  5. I know that I am responsible for at least two of these random things about you. So Enjoy! Love Dad

  6. Funny I have a similar list on my own blog. I enjoy your descriptions especially sleeping like a flamingo. I've accused my SO of "aerobic sleeping." Good Luck to you and thanks for the chuckle.


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