Saturday, September 5, 2015


Is this thing on?

Well, I know it has been over a year since I have posted to this blog of mine. And I'm not sure if it is something that I want to revisit or not. I love looking back at all the posts, and so do my girls; but it is just another thing to update and keep current.
We had an amazing summer this year. Last year, was kind of a bummer summer so we really lived it up this year. Craig surprised me with a trip to Hawai'i for our 20th anniversary. So we dropped the kids off to Grandma in Utah and headed to Chad and Michelle's home for 10 days. I still cannot believe they have lived there for 12 years and we have never visited them. They live in paradise!

We also had a great trip to Utah to see family and I was able to sneak in a couple of visits with friends. I never have enough time to see everyone. We did some hiking in Utah with my sister and my dad and I loved hiking. I wish that it would cool down so we could go hike in Texas. Maybe this Fall.

School is back in session and we have been going for two weeks. I am teaching 6th grade Math again and you would think it was getting easier, but it really isn't. Lots of training this summer and preparing and I still feel completely overwhelmed.  I am grateful for the principal I have and the team I get to work with. It is a small, but mighty group. It is the perfect place for me to land after being at home for so many years.  I am grateful for the opportunity in a small, but strong community.

*I got a new camera for my 40th birthday! Thanks to Dana and Anne. I am grateful for their support in the talents I am trying to develop. I got a great picture of the Matt and Craig Garner kids when we went to Roosevelt for UBIC.

*Christian went on an amazing high adventure trip with the scouts this summer. They went to Pensacola, FL and had the experience to go fishing in the ocean and tour many Navy museums. They also saw the Blue Angels. I think that this year paid off for all the scout camps that he has endured over the years.

*Ella had her summer book club again this year. They read The Fourteenth Goldfish and The Isle of the Lost (Descendants #1). Ella also made a huge leap of faith just before school started and changed schools. She is attending my school for 5th grade. She really likes it and gets to play the violin. I love it. I get to see her throughout the day and she is with me after school. As my baby, I felt like I never got to see her or help her with her homework last year. It has been a good change.

*Sydnee also had a dream come true this summer when she was able to go camping and fishing with Maren and Joey to Flaming Gorge. She is such an outdoors girl. She loves to be outside and loves to be active. Her dream is to have a ranch with lots of animals and a farm when she grows up.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Musings

*I am a 6th grade math teacher.
I said it.

*My DSLR camera died.
$1200 to fix.

*Craig started a new job today.
We are blessed.

*Sydnee changed soccer teams.
What a roller coaster of emotions.
And that was just from me.

*Christian was gone for 2 weeks.
One for Trek.
One for Scount Camp.

*Ella has a book club.
Little House in the Big Woods was the 1st book.
I planned the crafts, she planned the questions.
It was awesome.
Penderwick's this month!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Craig and I celebrated our nineteenth anniversary this week. When an anniversary comes around, I feel that it is a good time to look back at the last year and see all the good around you and also the things that can be improved. Just like with a birthday or new school year, I feel it is a fresh start. I know I could definitely use a fresh start to this coming year of my marriage. In marriage I am grateful for hard work, forgiveness, understanding, and overall love. We married young, I was young and have learned so much about myself and how to love another unconditionally. I am grateful he has been by my side through it all. I love this quote:

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